Why Cloth Diaper?

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There are dozens of reasons that people choose cloth diapering for their family. For some, the financial savings is the main motivator. Others feel like the environmental impact of disposable diapers is too costly for the Earth. Many find that their children battle sensitivities to the chemicals in disposable diapers, while cloth diapers offer a safer alternative. Almost all people who use cloth diapers agree that they are 100% cuter than disposables!

Pros of Cloth Diapering:
  • Save money
  • Less trash and waste in landfills
  • Less diaper rashes
  • Fewer, to no "blow outs"
  • Earlier potty training/learning
  • No chemicals and unecessary chemicals
  • Retain re-sale value
  • Super fun, adorable and cute

Cons of Cloth Diapering:
  • Higher start-up cost
  • Can be messy, at times
  • Can be less convenient when traveling
  • Some day cares are a little wary of them
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While we've hit the Pros and Cons... Did we mention that cloth diapers are cute?!

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