Fleece Covers

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Fleece diaper covers are usually made from 100% polyester fleece. Since polyester does not absorb, it will repel moisture, making it excellent for use with cloth diapers.  Fleece diaper covers are super soft and offer great wetness protection, making them excellent overnight cloth diaper companions.  Fleece cloth diaper covers are known for their breathability qualities and allow for air-circulation.   Fleece diapers covers are a wonderful alternative to wool covers as you can wash them with your diapers or other laundry.  Fleece covers are super quick to dry and keep the wetness in the diaper, not on the sheets.  Fleece diaper covers also hold up great with normal wear and tear, plus hold up well in the laundry! 

Some fleece covers have snaps and other brands of fleece covers are simply pull-on style.  Most brands of fleece covers have sizing options from newborn to toddler.
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