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I have been cloth diapering my little one since 2011 and along the way, I've picked up a few fluffy tricks from fellow cloth diapering mommas and from pure trial and error.  From meeting local cloth diapering mommas, from chatting with them on Facebook group pages and other cloth diaper forums, it seems like many mommas struggle with cloth diapering at nap time and bed time.  Truth is, I used to be one of those mommas.
When I began cloth diapering my little one in August 2011, cloth diapering during the day time was a breeze right from the get-go.  Naptime and bedtime were a different story though. Naptime and bedtime cloth diapering didn't work as the microfiber inserts just couldn't hold all of the urine and when I double-stuffed a pocket diaper with microfiber, it was just way too thick.  My youngest was a pretty heavy wetter and for the longest time, I used a disposable diaper at nap time and also at bed time instead of cloth.  I really wanted to cloth diaper full-time, but for awhile it just didn't work for us and that was super disappointing.

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I started to do a little research and eventually came to learn that the key to overnight cloth diapering success was simple... natural fibers.  Natural fibers provide better absorbency and less bulk.  A natural fiber like hemp is fantastic for overnight cloth diapering because of its great absorbency.  I also learned that hemp is known for its anti-microbial properties which means your baby will be protected from bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. 
If using a pocket diaper like a bumGenius 4.0, simply add a Thirsties Hemp Insert or a Thirsties Hemp Pre-Fold to use inside the pocket diaper rather then a microfiber insert.  You could also try a Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert which features microfiber terry together with the absorbency of hemp.  Some other great product options would be Hemp Babies Little Weeds or Hemp Babies Big Weeds.  Then, simply use a fleece cover or wool cover over the pocket diaper for extra wetness protection.

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There are other overnight cloth diapering options using covers and fitted diapers.

If using a diaper cover like Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover or Econobum Diaper Cover, you can use a hemp/cotton blend pre-fold inside the diaper rather then a traditional cotton pre-fold.  Then, use a fleece cover or wool cover over the diaper for extra wetness protection.

You could also use a Fitted Diaper like the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted with a water proof diaper shell and then top off using fleece cover or wool cover over the diaper for extra wetness protection.
Finding the right nap time and bed time solution can seem like a daunting task, but hopefully the above suggestions can help make your transition from day time cloth diapering to overnight cloth diapering smooth and easy!

~ Toni ~

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