All-In-One and All-In Two Diapers

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All in Ones (AIO) - The most like a disposable diaper. These are easy, snap on-snap off. A lot of people call these "daddy, grandma, daycare or babysitter" diapers. They can take a while to dry because all the layers are sewn into the diaper itself. These are loved by moms who like the "use and toss into the pail" cloth diapering and don't like searching for inserts.

Some brand offer different styles of AIOs that allow them to dry faster. The absorbent part is 1 or 2 pieces and is sewn on to one end of the diaper only or it snaps into the diaper so that they may be removed if needed but they stay where you snap them while washing. Some have a hidden pocket to add absorbency if needed but for the most part AIO diapers have all of the inserts/absorbency included with it.

All in Twos (AI2) - Much like the AIO except that AI2 diapers do not have their absorbent material sewn into the whole diaper at all. The absorbency/insert snaps into the back of the diaper but otherwise is loose so that it separates/unsnaps for washing. Faster drying time, custom absorbency options are as easy as laying in another insert. Basically, you can use an AI2 like an AIO or you can use an AI2 like a cover.

The difference between an AIO and an AI2 diaper is with an AI2 if the cover is NOT soiled, you can snap in another insert and get another use out of it. AIO diapers are one time use and wash diapers. Both of them are waterproof and do not need anything but good absorbency/inserts for them to work.

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  1. I didn't even know there was an AI2 diaper - hoping they are a little bit cheaper than the AIO's - might be a bit more practical for me and Hubby!