Waste Reduction and Environmental Impact

While perusing Facebook one day, I came across this awesome chart, "Are Cloth Diapers Really Better Than Throwaways?" The chart was created by AppleCheeks. It's an amazing side-by-side comparison of using cloth diapers versus throwaway/disposable diapers. It's clear, concise and easy to read! If you're on the fence about using cloth diapers, maybe this chart may help you decide.

You really should just take a dive in the "fluffy pool." The water is fine...

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Another way cloth diapers help the environment, is the fact that you can line-dry them. Now, you don't have to have a clothesline outside nor use clothes pins to line-dry your covers, inserts, pre-folds and other diapers. You can simply run to your local Target, Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath and Beyond and pick up a handy garment drying rack. Line drying your cloth diapers can save you money and also saves energy from using your dryer.


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If you want to dry your cloth diapers in the dryer, there's something that can still help you save money.  Another energy-saver would be using wool dryer balls in your dryer. In case you're unfamiliar with using wool dryer balls, they are a natural solution for softening your clothes without harsh, yucky chemicals. Made completely from wool, they help your clothes and cloth diapers tumble dry softly, and reduce the drying time by up to half. 
There's another way cloth diapering can save you money and help rid landfills of unnecessary waste... using cloth wipes and a homemade wipe cleansing solution.

I have used a few brands of cloth wipes and there are many great brands of cloth diaper wipes to choose from. However, you can make your own cloth wipes or simply use baby wash cloths.  Making your own wipe cleanser solution is easy. I discovered the easy formula from Earth Mama Angel Baby's web site where they have a video posted showing you how to make your own cloth wipes and wipe cleanser solution. Click here to view. So, to make your own wipe cleanser solution, just use 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of baby wash and 1/2 - 1 tablespoon of baby oil. I simply mixed the ingredients together and put them in a small squirt bottle or peri bottle. At diaper changes, I simply squirt the wipe cleanser on my little one's bottom and then wipe clean with the cloth diaper wipes.  You can also use wipe bits, sold at many cloth diaper stores and online, to make your cloth wipe solution.

Now, I still keep disposable wipes on hand, however, I've noticed a huge difference though in our usage in disposable wipes... it's decreased drastically. I feel better about not putting so much garbage and waste in our landfills and my husband's pocket book has noticed some savings, too. Win, win, I think.

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