Pocket Style Diaper

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Pockets are some of the most popular cloth diapers and where a lot of people start their cloth-diapering journey. They are comprised of a waterproof outer material, sewn to an inner material (usually suede cloth or micro fleece). Part of the diaper is left open, creating a pocket that can be stuffed with whatever absorbent material you desire. Most pockets are sold with coordinating inserts, but people will often use prefolds, flats, or just regular towels inside their pockets.

Pockets range in price from $5 - $25, with lots and lots of different options. They generally have either an Aplix (Velcro) or Snap closure and are commonly known as “Daddy-friendly” diapers.

Pockets need to be changed in their entirety at each diaper change, so most people try to have 2 days worth of diapers in their stash so they don’t wash every night. It is generally recommended to have 12 diapers per day. A major benefit to pocket diapers is that most brands sell them in a “one size” option, that grow with your child. So the diapers you buy will last from 10 lbs. until potty training.
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  1. I am planning to mostly use prefolds/covers, but I was given some pocket diapers at my shower. I'm a bit turned off by the fact that you have to wash the whole thing, but they're really cute, and I figure it can't hurt to have a couple of options in my stash, so I'll give them a go as well! Not a fan of the term "Daddy-friendly" diapers, though. It feels a little condescending to me!